Planning Commission

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Board Members
Term Expires
Planning Commissioner, Seat F, District 2
Alexander Tallekpalek
Planning Commissioner, Seat C, District 1
Fawn Silas
Planning Commissioner, Seat E, District 2
Donald Bumpus
Planning Commissioner, Seat G, At Large
JJ Orloff
Assembly Member, Seat B, District 1
Kyle Aguiar
Assembly Member, Seat D, District 2
Dana Lee Phillips
Planning Commissioner, Seat A, District 1
AlexAnna Salmon
Community Development Coordinator
Danica Wilson
Minutes, Agendas and Videos
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What's Going On?

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All meetings, agendas, and packets can be accessed here.

Do you need a development permit?

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If you are building a new commercial or public building, contact Danica Wilson, Community Development Coordinator to discuss your project and get advice about the permits you may need.