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"Borough Assembly members are dedicated to the betterment of the Lake and Peninsula Borough and take their jobs seriously."


Mayor Glen R. Alsworth, Sr., his grandson and his great-grandson

the value of fish harvested in LPB in 2022

the total taxes collected by LPB in 2022

The number of grants LPB applied for in 2022

the number of Borough residents

Our Dedicated Leadership Team

Lake and Peninsula Borough uses a council-manager form of government. This means the Assembly functions like a board of directors in a corporation. They establish policy, pass ordinances and develop the overall vision. The Assembly hires a professional manager to oversee the administrative operations, implement the policies and to advise the Assembly. This position is like a CEO. In this form of government, the mayor does not have any more power than any other Assembly member, but does have leadership responsibilities similar to a non-executive chairman in a corporation.

People, Fish, and Funding

In 2022, we devoted most of our attention and energy to education, energy, transportation and fisheries. We also sought funding for important capital projects in our communities.


45% of all revenue came
from raw fish tax


$1,964,600 in grants
awarded in 2022


13,750 books have been
given to Pre-K children

2022: Challenges & Highlights

School District

Our "Better Together" mentality helped sustain opportunities and partnerships in 2022.

Community Development

The Borough will be conducting aerial LiDAR acquisition for each community beginning spring 2023


We are making an effort to reduce our dependence on outside resources and identify cost-savings.


The fishing season was better than anticipated along with bed tax and guide tax. This improved the original projected budget by $494,263.


The Borough made real progress in advancing priority projects with a relatively small investment of resources.

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What is the Annual Report?

The annual report is a report to the residents on the past year. It provides information from each department, projects in process, and the financial accounting. 2022 is the second year that the borough has produced an annual report.

Where can I get a copy of the budget?

This link has all the resources from the finance office. Click on "Budgets" to see the current and past budgets.

How can I contact borough staff?

You may call the main number at 907-246-3421 or you may use email:
Nathan Hill, Borough Manager - manager@lakeandpen.com
Kate Conley, Borough Clerk - kateconley@lakeandpen.com
Mark Stahl, Finance Officer - finance@lakeandpen.com
Danica Wilson, Community Development Coordinator - cdc@lakeandpen.com
Natalie Bendza, Assistant Finance Officer - asstfinance@lakeandpen.com

  • Borough Assembly attendance at meetings is over 93%
  • In 2022 there were twelve schools in the school district, serving approximately 330 students.
  • BBRCTE offered courses in construction, culinary arts, welding, cultural arts, rural entrepreneurship, business, commercial fishing, aviation, and marine services.
  • The Borough savings is in three funds: $7.94 million in General Fund Reserve, $11.27 million in the Permanent Fund, and $5.07 million in the School Endowment Fund.
  • Due to unexpected revenue from fishing taxes and the State of Alaska, $680,000 was transferred to the Permanent Fund in 2022.
  • The Bristol Bay fishery had a standout year in 2022, while Chignik fishery struggled. The Bristol Bay salmon run was 79 million fish. The Chignik Fishery harvested 334,704 sockeye.
  • The Hazard Mitigation Plan was updated in 2022 for cities and non-tribal villages: a total of seven communities.