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Tanalian Point, the forerunner of Port Alsworth and Lake Clark’s first Euro-American settlement, was settled by prospectors in the late 1880s. The site offered ready access to nearby copper prospects and the best wood fuel and timber for cabins. Dena’ina Athabaskan Indians lived at Tanalian Point after prospectors established it as a community. It developed into a staging area for the Telaquana Trail and mining activities on Kontrashibuna Lake and Portage Creek. Big game hunters arrived in 1921 seeking local guides. Pioneer bush pilot Leon “Babe” Alsworth and his wife Mary, the settlement’s first postmistress, were among the first settlers in the 1940s. Port Alsworth now has numerous fishing lodges, some open year-round, and is the local headquarters for the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

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«"The people of our little community are really what make it most special to live in Port Alsworth. We also value living here because of the variety of what's on our shelves and in our freezer right now. Dall sheep, moose, salmon, raspberry jam,..."» -Katie Burrows

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By The Numbers

• Population: 216

• Latitude, Longitude: 60.196, -154.3281

• Sq miles: none

• Date Incorporated: not incorporated

Getting Here

There are two privately-owned and -operated airstrips in the area: a gravel airstrip owned by Wilder/Natwick LLC, and a dirt/gravel airstrip operated by Glen Alsworth and The Farm Lodge.