Welcome to Chignik Lagoon!

Chignik Lagoon took its name from its location and proximity to Chignik. The people of this area have always been sea-dependent, living on otter, sea lion, porpoise, and whale. During the Russian fur boom from 1767 to 1783, the sea otter population was decimated. This, in addition to disease and warfare, reduced the Native population to less than half its former size. It has since developed as a fishing village.

Chignik Lagoon experiences an influx of fishermen during the summer months. The population swells by 200 during the fishing season.

Local planning maps

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«Chignik Lagoon is an amazing place to raise a family. Where the Mountains meet the sea. We are tucked away in beauty. » -Jennie Grunert, Chignik Lagoon AK

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Chignik Lagoon Village Council

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Chignik Lagoon, AK


p: 907.840.2281

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By The Numbers

● Population: 86

● Latitude, Longitude: 56.3104, -158.5378

● Sq miles: none

● Date Incorporated: not incorporated

● More info: Chignik Lagoon Story Map

Getting Here

Currently, there are no roads that connect any of the villages. Access to all three villages is by water or air transportation. Chignik Bay has service from the Alaska Marine Highway System from spring through the fall.