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Yup'ik and Sugpiaq jointly occupied the Ugashik area historically. This Sugpiaq village was first recorded in 1880 as Oogashik. In the 1890s, the Red Salmon Company developed a cannery, and Ugashik became one of the largest villages in the region. The 1919 flu epidemic decimated the population. The cannery has continued to operate under various owners. The Briggs Way Cannery opened in 1963. The village has a small year-round population.

Ugashik is a traditional site of the Alutiiq; however very few people now live in Ugashik year-round. Some of the village's people live in nearby Pilot Point on the coast. Tribal members live throughout Alaska, California, and Washington. Commercial fishing, fish processing, and subsistence activities sustain residents of the area.

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Moose with large antlers.  A man stands behind each antler.

«Fishing ,hunting trapping and going on skiff rides to the lakes oh what a life we live in Ugashik!» -Mike Enright, Ugashik AK

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Ugashik Village

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By The Numbers

● Population:12

● Latitude, Longitude: 57.5084, -157.3998

● Sq miles: none

● Date Incorporated: not incorporated

Getting Here

Ugashik is accessible by air and water. There is a gravel airstrip at Ugashik Bay, owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Division of Lands. It is approximately 12 miles from the village of Ugashik. There is a gravel airstrip in the village. There is also a barge landing. Barged freight is brought in from Naknek. ATVs and skiffs are the primary means of local transportation.