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The community was founded in 1912 as a refuge for Alutiiq people driven away from their villages by the eruption of Mt. Katmai. Many villagers from Douglas and Katmai survived the eruption because they were out fishing at the time. Captain Perry of the ship "Manning" transported people from the Katmai area to Ivanof Bay and later to the new village site. The village was originally called "Perry," but the "ville" was added to conform to the post office name, established in 1930.

Perryville maintains an Alutiiq culture and a subsistence lifestyle. Commercial fishing provides cash income.

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«Perryville's doorstep is the ocean and we love fishing and playing, in this wonderful place. » -Patrick Kosbruk, Perryville Commercial Fisherman

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Federally Recognized Tribe Contact Information:

Native Village of Perryville

PO Box 89

Perryville, AK 99648 

p: 907.853.2203

f: 907.853.2230


By The Numbers

● Population: 85

● Lat & Long:

● Sq miles: none

● Date Incorporated: not incorporated

Getting Here

Perryville is accessible by air and sea. There is a state-owned gravel runway and seaplane base. Scheduled and charter flights are available from King Salmon. Cargo barges deliver fuel and supplies each spring.