Fire Danger in LPB

June 06, 2022



June 6, 2022

Dry weather and dry grass have produced extreme fire danger and potential for wildfires in all of Lake and Peninsula Borough. Residents, visitors, and workers should take all precautions to prevent fire.  This includes no open flames and extreme caution when participating in activities which may spark a fire, including use of a 4-wheeler or chain saw. 

On May 27, 2022 the Borough issued an urgent fire weather message.  While the landscape is greening up there is no forecasted rain. Cooler temperatures may cause individuals to assume the danger has passed; however, the same conditions exist. This means critical fire weather conditions still exist, are imminent, or are occurring now. Rapid ignition, growth and spread of fires are possible impacts. 

Anytime windy conditions are present with dry fuels, wildfire potential increases significantly. Fires should only be used for cooking or warming, and then extreme caution should be taken including never leaving the fire unattended, clear areas around the fire, keep fires small and manageable, have tools and water on hand, make sure fires are completely extinguished before leaving. Remember, you are responsible for any fire you start. All Lake and Peninsula cities and villages are encouraged to issue similar warnings or bans.

A current wildfire is burning in Katmai National Park. Katmai National Park has prohibited all open fires in the park due to high fire danger. 

For more information you can visit the following sites:

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