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Early Russian explorers reported the presence of Levelock, which they called "Kvichak." The smallpox epidemic of 1837 killed more than half of the residents of the Bristol Bay region and left entire villages abandoned. Kvichak was mentioned during the 1890 census, although the population was not measured. A measles epidemic hit the region in 1900. A 1908 survey of Russian missions identified "Lovelock's Mission" at this site. The worldwide influenza epidemic in 1918-19 again devastated area villages. Koggiung Packers operated a cannery at Levelock in 1925-26. A large fire, attributed to a cannery worker's careless cigarette, threatened the entire village in 1926, but residents dug fire lines that saved their homes. The fire depleted the scarce wood resources used to heat homes. A second cannery operated from 1928-29. In 1930 the first school was built, and a post office was established in 1939. By this time, families had converted their homes to oil heat. Moose first appeared in the area in the 1930s. During the early 1950s, an additional cannery was in operation.

Levelock is a mixed Alutiiq and Yup'ik village. Commercial fishing and subsistence activities are the focus of the community. Sharing is a way of life in this village; no one goes hungry for lack of ability to hunt or fish.

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Levelock Village

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Levelock, AK 99625

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By The Numbers

● Population: 60

● Latitude, Longitude: 59.1125, -156.8575

● Sq miles: none

● Date Incorporated: not incorporated

Getting Here

Levelock is accessible by air and water. In the winter, trails to surrounding villages are used. The state owns a lighted, gravel runway in Levelock. Scheduled and charter flights are available. Bulk goods are delivered by barge. A 110' dock and beach unloading area are available.