Perryville Boat Launch Complete
Perryville Boat Launch Complete
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Perryville Boat Launch and Boat Haul Out

Perryville Boat Launch and Boat Haul Out

Owner: Perryville Tribal Council

Dates: Project Completion 2015

Cost: Approximately $2 million. BIA and COE contributed about $1 million each.

State of Alaska through LPB provided $100,000.

Project Manager and Engineer: Corps of Engineers

Description: Perryville is a remote community located on the south coast of the Alaska Peninsula, approximately 500 miles southwest of Anchorage. There is no protected moorage for vessels. Instead vessels anchored in the nearby Three Star Point Lagoon or offshore, where the vessels are buffeted by waves and swells, causing damages and delays.

There were no facilities for off-loading fuel or cargo barges at Perryville. Fuel barges had to beach themselves to deliver fuel to the community tank farm. Village fishing boats often met barges and lighter miscellaneous cargo.

In the past, many boats owned by Perryville residents have been stored at Chignik during the winter. However, the cost of transportation and storage, combined with travel time, has led owners recently to store their boats at Perryville by bringing them in and out on high tide. Being able to pull boats out of the water allows owners to more easily do maintenance work and provides a positive economic impact to the community.

The construction of the boat launch ramp-barge landing along with the purchase of the boat trailer have alleviate most of challenges for barges landing and boat storage. Additionally, the transportation of fuel is a safer, easier and more efficient.