Borough Consultants

The Borough staff is five people strong. Rather than hire additional full time employees, the Assembly has chosen to hire individuals with specialized skills on contract.

Lamar Cotten, Consultant

Lamar Cotten is a consultant providing strategic planning and management services . He has worked for a series of cities, boroughs, tribes and CDQ organizations throughout the state. Including borough manager for Lake and Peninsula Borough from 2008-13, borough administrator for Aleutians East Borough from 1987-91, and city administrator for the City of Sand Point from 1984-87, and as city manager for the City of King Cove from 1984-86. Mr. Cotten was rural development manager and deputy commissioner of the Dept. of Community and Regional Affairs from 1995-2002. He currently serves as the chairman of the state Local Boundary Commission. Mr. Cotten has a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Oregon and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northern Arizona University. He is a military veteran and a former VISTA volunteer.

Round 2 CARES Act Funds Now Available

Apply by October 31, 2022

PSMFC Link for info & applications:

In March 2021, NOAA Fisheries announced the allocation of an additional $255 million in fisheries assistance funding as Round 2 funding. The funding will support activities previously authorized under Sec. 12005 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, CARES Act (Round 1). This funding is for fishery participants in all sectors: commercial, sport/charter, subsistence, and seafood processing. If you have questions you can call (888) 517-7262 or write to

As a reminder, Round 1 amounts for Alaska fishery participants were as follows:

Commercial Harvesters $3,208.00 per share

Sport Fishing Charter $10,895.15 per share

Seafood Processing Sector $101,927.62 per share

Subsistence Users $380.68 per share

Also, PSMFC notes that remote villages and communities are highly encouraged to request applications in bulk to be mailed to a community leader or tribal liaisons.