Two culverts side by side go beneath a road.  A newly dug trench follow out from each
Digging the new waterway
Three people with safety vests stand a cross of trenches.  One man stands atop a dented and rusted culvert inside the trench.
Out with the old
A shiny new culvert goes beneath a road.  Muddy water is flowing through the culvert.
New culvert doing it's job
Completed Projects

Chignik Lake Culverts

Chignik Lake Culverts

Project Name: Chignik Lake Culverts

Owner: Chignik Lake Tribal Council

Completion Date: 2014

Cost: Approximately $75,000

Description: Repair and Replace a two critical culverts systems in the community.

Construction Management: ANTHC

Purpose: Chignik Village has been in dire need of replacement of two culvert systems in the community. The initial Denali/FHA construction estimate was roughly $600,000. LPB working with ANTHC, were able to drive down the cost to $75,000 by tying construction into an existing on-going ANTHC village water and sewer project.  The completed project insures safe road travel for residents as well as protection of local fish stocks.