How to Travel Around the Peninsula

Alaska offers a front row seat to experience scenery or wildlife.

The journey is part of the adventure when visiting destinations around the Lake and Pen Borough. Because none of our villages is accessible by car, your two options are plane or boat. There are many options to chose from there so enjoy the ride!

Nearly all travel around remote Alaska involves flying at some point. You can fly directly from Anchorage to Lake and Peninsula Borough locations, or you may fly to "hub" communities such as Iliamna or King Salmon. Some of the airlines listed offer regular service to specific villages, most smaller airlines will also charter service to most anywhere. Some also offer float planes. All are friendly and visitors should not hesitate to give them a call and ask how to get to their chosen destination.

Traveling by water is slower but the views are spectacular!

Water travel in Lake and Peninsula Borough is less commercialized than flights, but is likely just as common. Location is key to traveling by water. Visitors will likely need to fly to a village and then take their chosen water transport. The one exception to this is the Alaska Marine Highway System, aka the Trusty Tusty, which stops in Chignik.

Once in a village you can plan to take a water taxi, arrange a skiff or kayak, or even jump on a seiner!

Here are a list of resources, but don't forget the value of calling the local village council and asking about renting a kayak or arrange a skiff ride:

Do you need a development permit?

Beaver in the water looking up

If you are building a new commercial or public building, contact Danica Wilson, Community Development Coordinator to discuss your project and get advice about the permits you may need.