For Fish Processors

Borough Code governing the registration of commercial fish processors as well imposition and collection of raw fish tax are covered by:

Business License

Persons or businesses conducting a commercial fish processing or buying raw fish for commercial sale, within the the Borough must register for Business License. Business license registration and fee is due January 31st of each year or within 30 days of establishing a new business within the Borough.

Raw Fish Tax

Raw fish taxes are collected from the seller of the raw fish, the buyer of the fish collects and remits those taxes to the Borough.operator.

The Borough collects tax for all seafood sales in its waters as well as acting as the fiduciary agent for the Cities of Egegik and Pilot Point.

The Finance Office mails out tax forms to all registered businesses prior to the end of the taxable period.

Taxes are due 30 days from the end of the operating month.

Taxes are due 30 days from the close of the quarter.

  • January 30th(Quarter end December 31st)
  • April 30th(Quarter end March 31st)
  • July 30th(Quarter end June 30th)
  • October 30th(Quarter end September 30st)

Tax Forms may also be downloaded here.