Exploring the Options

The Last Frontier is your destination for life-long memories. Just choose your adventure and let it begin...

Good memories aren't hard to find in Alaska. In fact, in this land of 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline, the greatest challenge can be deciding where to get started. We have list of experienced guides that can help you plan your trip.

There are other guiding activities such as photography tours, snow mobile adventures, kayaking tours, rafting, trekking, hiking, camping, bear viewing, beach combing, Walrus Viewing Tours and much more for your family that would like a different Alaska experience.

the photographer sits on a beach with their boots up.  In the background is a sunset.  In the foregr

Sail Back to the Bay

A double ender sailboat with two occupants in full sail

Bristol Bay's commercial salmon fishery is the world's largest producer of sockeye salmon. Once it was fished by thousands of sailboats. Double-ender sailboats. As with all things, the new was valued and the old boats were burnt or allowed to rot on the tundra. Only a few survived. And one of those is returning. In 2022 a double-ender will sail from Homer, across Cook Inlet to Williamsport, where they will portage the boat to Pile Bay on Lake Iliamna. It will then visit several Lake Iliamna villages along it's way across and then navigate down the Kvichak River to Naknek. The 200 mile voyage is estimated to take two week. For more information see the facebook page "Sailing Back to the Bay."