Language Assistance

Thank you for considering joining the Lake and Peninsula Borough (LPB) Language Committee. 

This committee is tasked with creating policy for a minority language program that will address the needs of non-English speakers participating in LPB elections.  The committee will be five people: Three speakers in each of the primary minority languages in the Borough: Dena’ina, Sugpiaq, and Yup’ik, and two additional persons from the public at large. Each person will be appointed by the Assembly. This committee is “ad hoc” meaning it will exist only as long as it is needed. Meetings will mostly be held by teleconference/zoom, though meeting in person can happen if the committee deems it necessary. Most of the meetings will be held in the spring and summer of 2023. 

If you would like to join, please write a brief note expressing your interest and, if applicable, what languages you speak or identify with. Please include contact information. Send your letter to Kate Conley at  

Note: Please do not delay, we would like to get this committee working as soon as possible to prepare for the 2023 election.