We're a small community getting the big things right..

"The Greatest blessing of our Borough is working together to enable self-sustainable communities."


Mayor Glen R. Alsworth, Sr.

Sockeye Salmon accounts for 99.2% of LPB's Raw Fish Tax

57% of LPB's expenses in FY22 are school related

LPB population is 1,416 according to US Census Bureau

LPSD has 353 students enrolled across 12 schools

Our Dedicated Leadership Team

Lake and Peninsula Borough uses a council-manager form of government. This means the Assembly functions like a board of directors in a corporation. They establish policy, pass ordinances, and develop the overall vision. The Assembly hires a professional manager to oversee the administrative operations, implement the policies, and to advise the Assembly. This position is like a CEO. In this form of government, the mayor does not have any more power than any other Assembly member, but does have leadership responsibilities similar to a non-executive chairman in a corporation.

Meeting the Challenge

The flu, the failure of the Chignik area salmon run, and the "fickle" state finances have all been challenges for LPB this past year. These challenges have become positives as we improve communication and work together overcome and improve.


There were 33 lodges/hotels registered in the Borough during 2021


There were 10 fish processors/buyers registered at 38 locations in the Borough during 2021


There were 49 guides registered in the Borough during 2021

2021: A year of working together to find solutions

School District

LPSD is celebrating almost twenty-one years of Standards-Based learning.

Community Development

Permitting in the borough has been fairly quiet over the last year during the pandemic.


If there was a positive note regarding COVID, it is that we have been in closer communication, and we have been able to establish a stronger interborough network.


The borough receives 2% of the value of the marine products harvested in Lake and Peninsula Borough waters.


Lake and Peninsula Borough played a leadership role in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 in multiple ways.


Great. We have answers! Please browse our FAQs for some key information about this report and the topics it covers.

What is the Annual Report?

The annual report is a report to the residents on the past year. It provides information from each department, projects in process, and the financial accounting. 2021 is the first year the borough has produced a report.

Where can I get a copy of the budget?

This link has all the resources from the finance office. Click on "Budgets" to see the current and past budgets.

How can I contact borough staff?

You may call the main number at 907-246-3421 or you may use email:
Nathan Hill, Borough Manager - manager@lakeandpen.com
Kate Conley, Borough Clerk - kateconley@lakeandpen.com
Mark Stahl, Finance Officer - finance@lakeandpen.com
Danica Wilson, Community Development Coordinator - cdc@lakeandpen.com
Natalie Bendza, Assistant Finance Officer - asstfinance@lakeandpen.com

  • LPB, as part of the CARES funding, was able to credit each household in the borough an average of $800 toward their utility bill.
  • In 2021, the Perryville Community Quota Entity (CQE) purchased 5,715 pounds of holibut IFQ by leveraging their Capital Project Fund from LPB to increase fishing income in Perryville.
  • LPB communities proactively planned for and worked to mitigate the impacts of COVID 19. While individual school sites were closed for short periods, LPSD operated continuously.
  • LPB was the first entity in the state of Alaska to introduce BallotTrax, a system designed to track a ballot through the USPS mail and allow staff to directly communicate with individual voters.