Native Village of Igiugig

Mouth of Kvichak River at Lake Iliamna.jpg

(Population 56)

Igiugig is located on the south shore of the Kvichak River at the southwest end of Lake Iliamna, about 50 miles southwest of Iliamna and 50 miles northeast of King Salmon.  Igiugig is accessible by water and air. Charter flights are available from Anchorage, Iliamna and King Salmon. The State owns and maintains a 3,000' long by 75' wide gravel runway. A small public dock is available.

The word “Igiugig” means “like a throat that swallows water” in the Yupik language – a name clearly derived from the location of the village at the mouth of the Kvichak River.  Kiatagmuit Eskimos originally lived on the north bank of the Kvichak River in the village of Kaskanak, and used Igiugig as a summer fish camp. At the turn of the century, these people moved upriver to the present site of Igiugig. People from Branch also moved to Igiugig as it began to develop. Today, about one-third of residents can trace their roots back to the Branch River village.

As is typical for the region, salmon fishing is the mainstay of Igiugig's economy.  Many travel to Naknek each summer to fish or work in the canneries.  There are seven commercial lodges that serve sports fishermen and hunters seasonally in Igiugig.  Subsistence is an important part of the residents' lifestyle. Families in Igiugig, like many other Native villages in Alaska, have developed a unique culinary style characterized by the available food and resources in nature not commonly found in the lower 48 or other industrialized parts of the state.

Lodges, Inn's, B&B and Hotels located in the Native Village of Igiugig:

Big Ku Lodge
Igiugig Boarding House
Igiugig Lodge LLC
Seasons on the fly Lodge
The Alaska Sportsman's Lodge, L.L.C