Native Village of Chignik Lake

chignik lake 2


(Population 113)

redit Nadine Lind for Photo

Chignik Lake is located next to the body of water bearing the same name, 13 miles from Chignik and 16 miles west of Chignik Lagoon.

The present population traces its roots from Aleuts who lived on the west side of the Alaska Peninsula near Illnik and the old village of Kanatag near Becharof Lake.  In 1903, the village was the winter residence of a single family who fished near Chignik Lagoon.  Other families moved from surrounding villages in the early 1950s when a school was built.

The residents of Chignik Lake retain close ties with its Alutiiq heritage and practice a subsistence lifestyle.  Commercial fishing is the mainstay of Chignik Lake’s economy.  Some residents leave the village during the summer months to commercial fish, crew or work at the fish processors in Chignik.