Appeal for Elections

apeals and election

Per Borough Code 4.50.010, any qualified voter may contest the election of any person, the approval or rejection of any question or proposition or the recall of any elected official.  A candidate or elector who believes that prohibited practices occurred at an election shall appear before the Assembly at the meeting held on the first meeting held following issuance of the report of the Canvass Committee. He or she shall deliver a sworn written notice of election contest in substantially the form set out in this section which states with particularity the provisions of the law allegedly violated and the specific acts asserted as misconduct.

Timely filing of a Notice of Election Contest shall bar certification of the election as to those issues contested, pending outcome of the election contest.  No appeal may be taken to a court regarding a claim of a prohibited practice or violation of election ordinances unless and until the election contest has been determined by the Borough Assembly under §4.50.040.